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                           Yoga: Day 32 (8/1/12) arm balance galore!!!!!

I’ve written about Jason Crandell (www.jasonyoga.com) twice before, but seriously, this man has a surplus of knowledge that I literally cannot get enough of. In this 45 minute arm balancing class, entitled “Deconstruct Arm Balances with Jason Crandell,” we thoroughly stretched the hamstrings, hips, side bodies and shoulders to smoothly move into some pretty intense arm balances. We began our flow with several surya namaskar A’s, anjanyasanas (low lunge), planks, chattarangas, virbhadrasana II (warrior II), side angle pose and side angle pose variations with a bind, trikonasana (triangle) with a bind, plenty of wide legged forward folds and malasana (garland pose) to open up our bodies for:

Visvamitrasana (‘super pose’ with no English translation to be found!) Kathryn Budig has a great tutorial on how to work this pose (http://www.yogajournal.com/practice/2149), but it’s soo über-imperative that you go through this asana slowly and heat your body before even thinking about it…you may break yourself, pull a muscle or shatter in half if you do not properly prepare yourself!

The next challenging arm balance we conquered was bhujupidasana, which is one of the steps to tittibasana (firefly pose) -the last pose we did. Here is a short Youtube video that shows you this transition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6dIhmd3p9Q

To try out this 2/3 level class with Jason, go to


As Jason says, the harder the pose, the more intelligence you have to put into it, the slower you must get into it (and out of it!)*

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